At W15 Hanthana, the emphasis is on flexibility and personalization for all our guests. Every experience you wish to embark upon focuses on the emotive nature of your desires – be it romance, celebration, connection or restoration. Curated by our in-house team, these experiences are bespoke in every sense. We can connect you to your passions or enable you to try something new. Read on to be inspired.

W15 Hanthana Experience


The Ceylon tea industry birthed the design and building of picturesque tea plantation bungalows with sprawling gardens to match throughout the island. Our bungalow is typical of the Kandyan region with gardens that are tended to with much care.

We invite you to discover the beauty that lies within the details of this charming abode and its surrounding gardens.


The Hanthana region is renowned for some awe-inspiring hikes with views to match. In fact, some say that parts of the hikes might make you think you’re in Europe, it’s that picturesque. Our guides can offer you trails both challenging and easy. Either way, you will not be disappointed by the views from the Hanthana mountain range.

You will wend your way through carpets of manicured tea fields, pass by little rivulets of refreshingly cool water, climb grassy hills dipping into lush valleys, traversing upon paths and stones as old as Time itself, all the while immersing yourself in the magnificence of Nature.

W15 Hanthana Experience
W15 Hanthana Experience

Bird Watching and Butterfly Spotting

Hanthana is a bird-watcher’s paradise. Sri Lanka boasts the most diverse range of butterflies in the world, with over 245 species of which 23 are endemic. Ask your butler for a list of birds and butterflies sighted in the area and see if you can spot them all.

Birds we have spotted so far include the Rose-Ringed Parakeet, Black-Hooded Oriole, Brahminy Kite Eagle, White-Throated Kingfisher and Crimson-Fronted Barbet amongst others. Can you spot more?

Wildlife Excursion

The hills of Hanthana conceal within them an abundance of animal life, from the spotted Sambar deer to the elusive leopard. Don’t forget to keep your eyes out for troops of monkeys or even prickles of porcupine. Sri Lanka is also home to a rich and diverse range of birds, boasting over 400 species of which 33 are endemic. Many of these species can be found right here in the Hanthana region so you are truly spoilt for choice.

Enjoy an exciting safari with a tour guide in this richly populated environmental zone, protected for its biodiversity in animals, flora and fauna.

W15 Hanthana Experience
W15 Hanthana Experience


There is a Buddhist temple nearby where you can spend some time in meditation. The serenity of the landscape and the peace it offers will heighten this experience. As you enter the temple, you smell the sweet fragrance of the ‘salmal’ flower (the flowers of the cannonball tree).

These beautiful trees with its fleshy pink petals are dotted across the landscape and play a significant role in Buddhism. Head to this tranquil retreat for undisturbed meditation, peace and prayer.

Nature Sessions

The Hanthana region is a veritable treasure trove of flora and fauna, some unique to this region of the island. Our highly experienced in-house Naturalist will be happy to enhance your understanding of the plant animal life of the area. From over 120 bird species to endemic butterflies and trees, our Naturalist will create specialized presentations to educate you before embarking on a Nature Walk.

A truly insightful experience can be enjoyed, whatever your age, with this expert who will engage with you to increase your own knowledge of Nature’s secrets in the Hanthana region.

W15 Hanthana Experience
W15 Hanthana Experience

Scenic Walks

Arguably boasting some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery and mountain views, the trails around W15 Hanthana make for some truly peaceful and inspiring nature walks. Scattered around the bungalow are little trails where you will happen upon a patch of herbs, a little rivulet accompanied by the tinkling of wind chimes.

Little magical treasures wait to be discovered as you wander in and around our little piece of paradise in the hills. A slow stroll accompanied by short breaks to capture those Insta-worthy pictures will no doubt work up that appetite for lunch.

High Tea

Delight in the whims and fancies of Colonial Ceylon by partaking in a truly special W15 High Tea. You will be met with typically English tiered platters of mouthwatering goodies. Think finely cut finger sandwiches ranging from egg mayonnaise and cress to cured ham with English mustard; mouth-watering pastries hot out of the oven; dainty fairy cakes or slabs of Battenburg; freshly baked scones served with specialty jams and cream.

And, of course, a freshly brewed cup of golden Ceylon tea – light, refreshing flavours for the perfect finish. Call on your butler for high tea to be served.

W15 Hanthana Experience
W15 Hanthana Experience

Picnic on the Lawn

Right down to the red and white checkered blanket, we have the perfect picnic for you. This escapist experience hails you back to the nostalgic wonders of childhood. A picnic basket filled with goodies will complete this Enid Blyton-esque experience.

Your picnic basket may comprise of such delectable items as smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, hand-made beef pies, roasted vegetable summer salad, raspberry bakewell tart and lemon drizzle cake. All you need to is stretch out on the lawn, bask in the sunshine and savour your treats.

Cooking Classes

Learn the secrets of Sri Lankan cuisine at a cooking class with our Head Chef. Local cuisine boasts a complex amalgam of spices and flavours and we can help you cook an impressive meal. Accompany the chef to the nearby markets to pick up the freshest ingredients.

Breathe in the exotic smells of our island spices as you learn to make your very own curry powder.Surprise your partner with your newly acquired cooking skills or take the class together outdoors.

W15 Hanthana Experience
W15 Hanthana Experience

Garden Games

Croquet, a favourite British pastime from the 1850s, can be played on our exquisitely groomed lawn. Recognized as a game of skill requiring strategy like “chess on grass,” this outdoor game can be enjoyed in the Sri Lankan sunshine. Similarly, you can opt to enjoy a game of boules, or lawn bowling, if that is preferred.

Reminiscent of an English summertime frolic, we can arrange for Pimms on ice to make your garden game time just that more enjoyable.


In Colonial times, tea planters would ideally enjoy a spot of exercise after a day in the tea fields or at the tea factory. In the manner of large country estates, these planters of old decided they would build tennis courts adjacent to their bungalows. And exercise they would, playing tennis into the sun set, with neighbouring tea planters and their wives coming over for games of mixed doubles followed by a lavish dinner.

At W15 Hanthana, we too have our own tennis court for your exercising pleasure. We provide tennis rackets and balls if you are in the mood for a game of tennis.

W15 Hanthana Experience
W15 Hanthana Experience

Tea Factory

The story of Ceylon Tea is legendary and learning of the journey from tea bush to tea cup is fascinating. We can arrange a tea factory excursion which will allow you to meet the amazing tea-pluckers of Sri Lanka and then to observe the withering, rolling, fermenting process. No visit to Sri Lanka is complete without a tea factory experience.

It is also highly fortunate that the Ceylon Tea Museum is located in Hanthana itself, and it is well worth a visit. Learn about the famed art of tea production or try a typically Sri Lankan Tea Tasting session.

Shooting Range

For the more adventurous among you, visit the shooting range, located close to the W15 Hanthana Estate, for an exhilarating experience. The Hill Country Sport Shooting Club features an impressive outdoor shooting range. Find out just how good of a shot you are and learn how to improve at target practice.

Shooting at a range actually contains a number of surprising benefits including building physical discipline, arm strength, focus and improved eyesight. Not only is it an adrenaline rush but it also creates an increased sense of confidence.

W15 Hanthana Experience
W15 Hanthana Experience

Tours of Kandy and Surrounding Areas

The hill country capital of Kandy was once an ancient Kingdom. It is now listed as a World Heritage city due to its historically and culturally significant sites. In close proximity to Hanthana, day trips can be organized including visits to such special places as The Temple of the Tooth Relic and Kandy Lake. The Kandy markets are a maze of treasures, offering local souvenirs.

We can also create customized itineraries for you from Hanthana as day trips to World Heritage sites including Sigiriya, the Golden Temple of Dambulla and the sacred cities of Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura.

Peradeniya Botnical Garden

Once the playground of the royals, the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens are now open to the public, all 60 hectares of it. A short drive from W15 Hanthana, this magnificent garden will account for a well-spent morning or afternoon. Enjoy a sunlit walk down an avenue of majestic royal palms or experience the garden’s exquisite coterie of orchids.

Animal life is not absent either with monkeys chattering and fruit bats feasting – a truly Sri Lankan experience! Don’t forget to visit the immense and unforgettable Javan fig tree with its vast canopy of overhanging branches and perhaps, enjoy a picnic in its shade.

W15 Hanthana Experience
W15 Hanthana Experience

Kandy Esala Perahera

This magnificent pageant held in either July or August each year is a riot of colour, traditional music and an extravaganza of dancers, fire eaters, Kandyan dancers and elephants dressed in shimmering garments. This festival venerates the Tooth Relic of the Buddha as it is carried along the streets by a tusker elephant.

A celebration held from the 3rd century BC, the perahera is a truly a sight to behold – and definitely not one to be missed!


Hanthana is situated close to two of Sri Lanka’s best and most picturesque golf clubs. Victoria Golf and Country Resort in nearby Digana is a 500-acre estate on the border of the Victoria reservoir and offers not only a Donald Steele- designed golf course but also swimming, tennis and horse-riding.

The Nuwara Eliya Golf Club is further away but a golfer’s dream, hearkening back to 1889 when it opened making it one of the oldest golf clubs in Asia. An exclusive and traditional club house for members and visiting golfers is a throwback to the clubs in the days of the Raj.

W15 Hanthana Experience


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