Hanthana is ideally located in central Sri Lanka, just south-west of the island’s cultural capital, the city of Kandy. It is the perfect place to break journey before exploring the rest of the country because Hanthana (Kandy) is a crossroads to all other major cities.

The Hanthana region spreads outwards from Kandy into breathtaking scenery: cascading waterfalls of silver that fall into bubbling pools of refreshing spring water; verdant grassy plains that rise to meet majestic mountains lined with pretty eucalyptus trees and dark evergreens; only the melodious cries of bird life break the refreshing silence of this peaceful countryside. We invite you to come and explore this little piece of heaven, tucked away from the busyness of city life, and nestled where the mountains of Sri Lanka begin to rise into the hilly region. Hanthana is recognized for the many options it offers hikers and adventurers who enjoy the great outdoors. The Hanthana Mountain Range is, in fact, an Environmental Protection Area due to the biodiversity contained within its forests.

Hanthana’s proximity to Kandy makes it a convenient location from which to tour the sights and sounds of this city as well as other nearby attractions. You can also head towards Nuwara Eliya, Colombo, Dambulla, Sigiriya or the south western beaches within a matter of hours.

W15 Hanthana
W15 Hanthana
W15 Hanthana


Hanthana is blessed with a year-round refreshingly cool climate. Monsoon rains can occur anytime between April and September while December to March do not see much rain. There’s plenty of sunshine on most days with cooler weather drifting in towards the evening and night. On those days, it will be hard to decide with which outdoor activity you’d rather occupy yourself. On rainy days, there are plenty of places to curl up with a book and a hot chocolate or play a game of chess in the lounge.

W15 Hanthana
W15 Hanthana
W15 Hanthana

How to get to hanthana

We can organize your transport from Colombo to Hanthana, either by car, by train, by helicopter or by sea plante.

If you wish to experience a true taste of Sri Lanka, we recommend the train option. The journey immerses you in a totally local experience, where you will meet friendly Lankans while gazing out of the train window that frames a plethora of scenery, from lush green paddy fields to the hustle and bustle of little market towns along the way. The train journey from Colombo is approximately 2.5 hours long.

Upon arrival at Peradeniya Station, you will be picked up in our very own iconic vintage Series Land Rover which marks the beginning of your W15 Hanthana experience. Savour the salubrious mountain air as we climb into the hills towards W15 Hanthana bungalow. As you ascend, the heady aroma of incense sticks will drift towards you from fragrant offerings, a riot of colour and coconuts, made to Hindu deities along the plantation roads. And as you approach your destination, don’t forget to keep your eye out for the juicy golden mangoes hanging off the trees, succulent and ripe for the plucking.

Arrive in style at our bungalow by being chauffeur-driven in the manner of tea planters of bygone eras, who would relish a hot cup of tea and being waited upon by the staff of the estate bungalow, after the journey from Colombo. In the same way, you will enjoy butler service throughout your stay at W15 Hanthana.

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