A host of magnificent facilities are included as part of your W15 Hanthana experience. We adopt a holistic approach to your stay here that focuses on your mind, body, soul and spirit. Here at W15 Hanthana, the glorious outdoors blend seamlessly with our artfully restored bungalow interior – a harmony we aim to replicate in our service to you. The peaceful surroundings at W15 Hanthana are truly soul-rejuvenating and we invite you to experience the wonder that is nature. We have designed our spaces to offer facilities that enhance recreation and relaxation, oneness with nature, appreciation of music as well as those that promote work and play.

Allow your mind to be at peace; sleep, dream, relax.

Allow your body to heal; walk, swim, play.

Allow your soul to rest; read, meditate, pray.

Allow your spirit to be refreshed; indulge, connect, create.

Read on to see how W15 can nourish you – mind, body, soul and spirit.


“Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.”

- OVID -

W15 Hanthana Facilities

Butler Service

For a seamless and elevated experience, our butler service provides you a discreet level of superlative service. Non- intrusive yet always available, your butler can handle and facilitate all arrangements according to your needs. A personal butler is at your beck and call throughout your stay at W15 Hanthana to cater to every whim and fancy.

W15 Hanthana Facilities

Personal Spa

We offer a highly personalized set of Spa Treatments in the privacy of your own room. Apart from birdsong, there’s a stillness, a quietness in the background allowing you to relax completely as our masseuse eases away the tension in your shoulders or pampers you with a blissful manicure and pedicure. These restorative practices will create a true sense of zen in your mind and body.


“Recreation and diversion are as necessary to our well-being
as the more serious pursuits in life.”


W15 Hanthana Facilities


Our infinity pool, sunken into a white-stone terrace, overlooks a panoramic vista of breathtaking mountains and valleys in the distance. Its turquoise waters glistening iridescently in the Hanthana sunshine will beckon you to swim. Or perhaps you can just laze by the pool on our comfy deckchairs in the shade of an umbrella and stare into the dreamy distance of the faraway hills.

W15 Hanthana Facilities


Like at W15 Hanthana, most estate bungalows have their own tennis court for tea planters to enjoy some exercise in the evenings after a day of work out in the fields and at the tea factory. Our courts are ideal for a spot of tennis followed by a ‘cuppa’ in the manner of the British tea planters and later the Ceylonese planters too. We provide both tennis rackets and balls. Please ask your butler for our tennis paraphernalia if ever you feel like playing a game.


“Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.”


W15 Hanthana Facilities


The gardens of tea plantation bungalows were always a sight to behold – and W15 Hanthana is no exception. Stroll through immaculately manicured lawns and perfectly placed rows of rainbow-hued flowers on towards the herb, spice and vegetable gardens. The trees are helpfully labelled with both botanical and English names to learn as you walk. While away the hours in these extensive gardens and let the refreshing breeze sweep over you while you sit, pray, meditate. Truly restorative and soul-healing.

W15 Hanthana Facilities


Stare into space. Literally. Our sophisticated telescope can be used to gaze out into the heavens. Being away from city lights means this is the ideal place to view a celestial extravaganza. You can also observe the famously beautiful mountain ranges of Hunnasgiriya, Knuckles and Matale through the telescope and follow the dip into the Dumbara Valley. Whether you gaze towards the stars or the earth, either one promises a sight to behold and inspire.


“Life seems to go on with no effort when I am filled with music.”


W15 Hanthana Facilities


Sitting quietly in the corner of one our comfortable sitting areas, our beautiful mahogany piano waits to be played by our guests. Brush up those musical skills on our baby grand and let the tinkle of its notes drift over the country air. It will not only soothe your soul but the ones of others around you. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said that “Music is the universal language of mankind.” And so it is at our elegant country home. Guests bond over familiar tunes and new rhythms as music becomes a shared interest; a point of warm conversation over nightcaps in the lounge.

W15 Hanthana Facilities

Nature Sounds

The chirp of birds in the early morning hours of sunshine. The rustle of leaves in the ancient trees outside, as they sway gently in the refreshing wind. The mewing ‘keeyew’ of a Brahminy Kite. The hum of dragonflies buzzing near a glistening pond. As dusk falls like a silvery curtain over the emerald hills, the haunting hoot of the Brown Wood Owl. And in the silky dark of night, that perfect sound of silence. Nature’s own sounds are healing in itself. Listen out for them as you wander through the bungalow and into the garden, even from your room window or terrace. Let Nature’s tunes be soothing music to your ears.


“The Internet is the world’s largest library. It’s just that all the books are on the floor.”


W15 Hanthana Facilities


W15 boasts a beautiful library, packed with a feast of books in a variety of genres. In our library, a warm glow of ambient light, by way of a beautiful burnished brass chandelier, spills over onto comfy cushioned chairs creating an enticing atmosphere for reading. Choose an absorbing novel or thumb through our collection of fascinating coffee table books. Curl up in one of our sofas with a book in one hand, a mug of hot chocolate (or a night cap if you prefer) in the other - and you will be happily lost in a literary world of your choosing.

W15 Hanthana Facilities


Whether it’s just to update your Insta with a perfect capture of life at #W15Hanthana or if you need to reply that all- important email, we offer high speed, unlimited WiFi so you can stay connected. Work or play, W15 enables free access to the Internet and social media for all guests upon check-in. Imagine an office perched upon a vista that overlooks a stunning panorama of emerald hills and valleys – that could be your reality if you wish to work on the magnificently Grecian verandah here at W15 Hanthana. Free Internet connectivity is available throughout the bungalow.


“Let the games begin and may the odds be ever in your favour!” From ‘The Hunger Games’


W15 Hanthana Facilities

Outdoor Games

Croquet, a favourite British pastime from the 1850s, can be played on our exquisitely groomed lawn. Recognized as a game of skill requiring strategy like “chess on grass,” this outdoor game can be enjoyed in the Sri Lankan sunshine. Similarly, you can opt to enjoy a game of boules, or lawn bowling, if that is preferred. Reminiscent of an English summertime frolic, we can arrange for Pimms on ice to make your garden game time just that more enjoyable. And, if you fancy, a picnic to follow? All you have to do is ask.

W15 Hanthana Facilities

Indoor Games

An assortment of games including a Chess Board are available for our guests who wish to spend an evening enjoying a board game over a cup of golden Ceylon tea or a glass of merlot, combining enjoyment with exercising of the mind. Scrabble, Monopoly, Backgammon and Carrom are also available. Ask your butler for instructions on how to play Carrom, a South Asian favourite played on a wooden board.


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