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Indulge in an experience of a lifetime by booking a holiday at W15 Hanthana Estate. We offer a holistic approach to your entire stay here, where you can forget the worries of the world and lose yourself in a realm of natural beauty and curated luxury experiences.

Light and airy, with high ceilings, the estate bungalow is a masterpiece in its architectural splendour. This charming abode and its surroundings offer a plethora of options for every type of traveller. From plush accommodation and exotic cuisine to finely crafted itineraries, we offer experiences that are meaningful for the individual traveller.If it’s adventure you’re after, set out on a personalized safari to experience the local flora and fauna as well as the distinctive animal life in the region. It is a bird-watcher’s delight but also an adventurer’s dream, with the elusive Sri Lankan leopard lurking in the depths of Hanthana forest amidst an abundance of spotted deer, majestic peacocks and Sri Lankan wild boar.

If the active life appeals, there’s everything from tennis to a shooting range. And if learning about culture is more your thing, we can organize a trip into Kandy, the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, brimming with Buddhist temples and famous Sri Lankan heritage sites, steeped in the history of an ancient nation. The amalgam of local cultures is clearly evident around the bungalow itself, which is near a Buddhist temple and Hindu kovils. At festival time, the soothing chanting of Buddhist meditation time or the bells ringing from the Hindu temples pervade the air, enhancing your cultural experience.

The quintessential W15 Hanthana experience is a highly curated one, offering you a sense of more nuanced travel, where your holiday is the experience you wish to make of it. Allow us the pleasure to create for you a personal pilgrimage of sorts and tailor-make the escapist holiday of your dreams.

NB: We feel that children aged 8 years and above will benefit more from a W15 Hanthana Estate experience as activities for younger children are limited. Therefore, we recommend bringing children over the age of 8 as there will be more to occupy them and let you relax.


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